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Hudl Focus Outdoor Sports Camera

Your fully-automated outdoor camera is here.

No cameraperson, no problem. Bring Hudl Focus Outdoor to your stadium.

This auto-tracking sports camera is built to record, upload and livestream events in your stadium—no cameraperson required.

Automatically follows the action without the need to manually pan or zoom

One-time, simple installation

Multiple livestream and broadcast options

Record HD film from the perfect angle.

This outdoor sports camera is permanently mounted at your field for the best view possible. A fully automated recording solution, Hudl Focus outdoor follows the action, recording both broadcast and full tactical video angles in 1080p.

Complete integration with all your Hudl tools.

The Hudl Focus app gives you total control.

Recording starts automatically based on your team schedule in Hudl.

A direct feed into Hudl Sportscode means you can start your live analysis straight away.

Automatic uploads make your post-game review easier than ever.

With automatic software updates, you'll never miss a new camera feature.

Streamline your instant replay setup with Hudl Replay along with full Hudl Sideline integration.

Hudl Football schedule

For High School Sports

No matter where you play, Focus has you covered.

All high school games in Focus-equipped stadiums—whether you're home, away or at a neutral site—will be automatically uploaded to your Hudl library.

For Professional Analysts

Feed your video directly into Hudl Sportscode

Use live video feeds from your Focus camera to enable live coding and collaborative coding workflows.

Hudl Focus camera live stream

Stream your stadium with flexible options.

With Focus Outdoor, you can stream directly to Hudl TV for a completely hands-free experience. Or, use Production Truck to add professional-style elements to your stream. Plus, it’s completely up to you whether to offer a free or pay-per-view broadcast.

Rain or shine, it’s weatherproof.

Focus Outdoor can withstand the elements without a hitch.

Always know the score.

Focus displays the scoreboard in your video frame, giving the game context you need for film review sessions and for your livestream viewers.

* Not available for professional organizations

Every team, one solution.

Any team within your organization, playing on your field, gets quality video of games, practices and scrimmages.

Add Focus to your lineup.

Select your organization type below and fill out the form to get all the details on adding Focus to your lineup.